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Leading Morocco Travel Agent

The Director of Travel Exploration Morocco, Alecia Cohen, is a Certified Morocco Travel Agent and one of the country's Leading Customized Private Tour Organizers based in Morocco year round. Mrs. Cohen is an Expert on Moroccan Customs, Architecture, Culture & Culinary Traditions. Her in-depth knowledge enables travelers to have an insider experience when visiting Morocco. With 25 years of Morocco Travel Expertise, Mrs. Cohen guarantees to deliver exceptional trip itinerary options inclusive of unique Morocco Touring activities that will offer couples, families and small group travelers a lifetime memorable experience.
Some of these tour activities are Wine Tasting in the region of Roman Volubilis, Embarking on a Culinary Tour in the back streets of Fes and Marrrakech, a Cooking Class in a remote Middle Atlas Cave or with a Dada Chef along with Bread baking and perfume traditions in a Berber Village. 
As an Ashkenazi Jew with Ukrainian Heritage, Mrs. Cohen led Travel Exploration Morocco to become the only in-country influential agency, proficient in offering Jewish Heritage Tours. Over the last decade she has procured some of the best Jewish Heritage Guides to lead her tailor-made Morocco Private Tours. 
With 25 years of Morocco Travel Expertise, Alecia Cohen Guarantees to Deliver Exceptional Trip Itineraries. Get in Touch to Plan Your 2024 - 2025 Morocco Adventure!
As a leader in her field, Alecia Cohen's Moroccan team of licensed guides and chauffeur's, male and female, are some of the most highly educated and language proficient in country. Travel Exploration's Morocco Private Tour Guides are licensed by the Moroccan National Tourism Board (ONMT) and have been expertly trained and vetted. They are multilingual, fluent in English, Moroccan Arabic, Berber and French. Travel Exploration Morocco Tour Guides add an additional dimension to a trip and are offered as part of all customized itinerarie in each city and region.
When planning a Private Tour to Morocco, with a Morocco Travel Agent, you may anticipate receiving a customized tour itinerary with personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge about where you will stay, the best places to dine and off the beaten path travel experiences, exclusively available to those who visit Morocco, through Travel Exploration. 
Let Alecia Cohen, Morocco Travel Agent know your interests so she may show you the Best of Morocco!
As Your Morocco Travel Advisor, Mrs. Cohen, will guide you on what season to visit Morocco, explore ways to make your stay unique and provide expert advice about the highlights in Moroccan cities and regions; with each being developed into a special experience.
When planning a Morocco Private Tour, you can count on Travel Exploration's benefits of an Anglo-Moroccan Partnership:
By Contacting Alecia Cohen  and requesting her services as your Morocco Travel Advisor you benefit from using a a Female, Owned Travel Company with over 25 Years of In-country Experience, access to a Multilingual staff Passionate about the Destination who will have an Understanding of your Expectations as to Hand curate a trip, Custom-designed, Around You.
Monuments and museums are a great starting place yet a Morocco Travel Advisor will  create an itinerary that will also suit your budget, time-frame, tastes, and interests.
How does Alecia Cohen, Morocco Travel Agent, Organize A Trip?
As a Morocco Travel Agent Alecia Cohen learns about her clients’ individual interests then makes recommendations to complement each travelers vacation plan with a keen mix of cultural and educational experiences. The Morocco Private Tours she organizes include visiting Landmark UNESCO Historical Sites, Islamic and Moorish Architectural wonders, Palaces and Gardens, participating in Culinary Tours and Cooking Classes, exploration of Berber Villages and how to Shop the Souks.
Jewish Heritage Touring is available upon request. Inspired by her passion for Morocco’s combination of natural wonders, ancient cities, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Jewish Heritage and Berber villages, Alecia Cohen delights in organizing comprehensive and personally curated original itineraries for Jewish travelers interested in learning more about Morocco's vast Jewish History. 
She has lectured at the World Bank on Culture & Sustainable Development in Africa and has been featured in various print and television venues, including CNN Financial News, Entrepreneurial Edge, Crain’s, Entrepreneur, and The World. Alecia also edits one of the leading blogs, Morocco Travel Blog, that offers a lifestyle and culturally enriching perspective about Morocco, including daily news.
Mrs. Cohen has focused on philanthropy via sustainable agricultural programs in Berber villages through Project Feed Morocco, the charitable arm of Travel Exploration. Funded by 5% of Travel Exploration’s annual profits, the goal of Project Feed Morocco is to demonstrate generosity and reciprocity to Morocco’s people who share their culture, Moroccan hospitality, and kindness to all travelers.
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