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Morocco Jewish Heritage

Top 6 Morocco Jewish Tours - Remarkable Jewish Travel Experiences.

Jewish culture has been interwoven throughout Morocco for centuries. Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours offer a golden opportunity for Jewish travelers to discover Stories of the Jewish Mellah’s, a vibrant Jewish community, Synagogues, Andalusian and Moorish architecture, beautiful landscapes, Tombs and Holy places, picturesque markets  and the only Jewish Museum in the Islamic world. Jewish travelers can also participate in Shabbat services and dine with a Jewish family on the sabbath.
Comprehensive Morocco Jewish Heritage Tours are led by expert, licensed guides who are Jewish Heritage specialists. Our Jewish guides will convey Morocco's grand Jewish History. You can anticipate hearing Jewish tales, exploring Morocco's Sephardic Jewish traditions and learning about the hidden jewels of Morocco's Jewish past.
It is believed that Jews settled in Morocco prior to the destruction of the first Temple Mount. The traditions of Moroccan Jewry can be found within it's artistic, intellectual and cultural communities of the past. Travel Exploration's customized, private Jewish Heritage Tours to Morocco, offer in-depth exploration of Jewish life and its vast history from the time of the Philistines to the 21st Century. 
Morocco’s unique history of Jewry and the co-mingling of Jews with Berbers and Arabs are a key factor in why Morocco is a safe today and continues to be a perfect choice for Jewish travelers. The cultural diversity of contemporary Morocco reflects its historic vantage point as a gateway to Europe and the world.
Morocco’s Jewish Heritage sites and holy spaces offer visitors an encounter with ancient traditions, old world customs, architecture, monuments and sites that have permeated Moroccan society for centuries. 
The historic Jewish mellah in each Imperial City stands with grace next to sultanate palaces; fine jewelers display their wares next to vivacious spice vendors and synagogues lie hidden behind doorways on every street. If you look carefully can find Stars of David etched above doorframes. An enchanting Jewish experience awaits you. Visiting Morocco and its historic Jewish Heritage Sites will be a once in a lifetime experience!

Jewels of Jewish Heritage

Anticipate exploring the hidden Jewels of Jewish Morocco on this  private tour. Morocco boasts beautiful landscapes, picturesque markets, and a Jewish community with strong ties. Discover the old Jewish quarters in Fes, Meknes, Marrakech & Essaouira. Shabbat Services & Kosher options available.

Jewish Heritage Highlights

Discovery of the historic Jewish quarters in the Imperial Cities, their Andalusian architecture and the only Jewish Museum in the Islamic world. Up close experience with the Jewish community and a glimpse into the lives of Jews living in Morocco today. Shabbat Services & Kosher options available.  

Moroccan Jewish Odyssey

Expect dramatic contrasts as you encounter Morocco's Jewish Heritage on this Cultural Tour. Explore Jewish Heritage Sites, Stories of the Mellah, Sacred Mosques, Roman Ruins, an endless Sahara Desert. Visit Morocco's colorful souks, ancient Kasbahs and rural Berber Villages.  

Jewish Heritage Footprints

Follow the Footprints of Moroccan Jews on this comprehensive Jewish Heritage Tour. Visit Jewish Heritage Sites including the Synagogues in Fes and Marrakech. Trace the footprints of Sephardic Jews who fled from Spain to Morocco. Discover the home of Maimonides and remarkable Adobe Synagogue in Arazan.  

Jewish Heritage Nostalgia

For travelers of Moroccan descent our Jewish Heritage Nostalgia Tour combines site seeing of Jewish Sites while tracing the heritage of family ancestry for those who wish to discover their Jewish past. Travelers visit Jewish neighborhoods, historic homes and synagogues where family members once resided. 

Kosher Morocco Tour

Our Kosher Morocco Tour offers travelers with Kosher requirements the opportunity to explore the country. Anticipate a guided tour of Morocco’s Jewish Heritage Sites, Synagogues and neighborhoods. Kosher restaurant dining or private catering offered.

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