testimonials - morocco travel trip advisor testamonials of travel exploration guests

Testimonials - Morocco Travel Trip Advisor Testamonials of Travel Exploration Guests

"Morocco" - Thank you for a Magnficient Family Trip for Spring Break Review

Our family decided to take a trip to Morocco for Spring break! We were referred to Travel Explorations through a friend who has a jewelry studio in both Santa Fe and Marrakech called JEWELS ARTS she told me they were friends and that Alecia was the best at these types of tours. 
so we went for it! It was the best design ever, we have two teen age girls and I was a bit concerned about our safety and didn't understand what we didn't understand from not being in this part of the world before. I loved the tour guides were all amazing and highly educated in each of their fields of interest. I had wanted a fabulous experience for our whole family and we got it. I really was blown away by each person Alecia has on her team. Zobida, on our first day toured us through the gardens and took us shopping in the medina. We would have been lost with out her, she was a kind and knowledgable and patient with us.we did plenty of shopping in the old spice market and purchased beautiful lights. Said, took us hiking in the Atlas Mountains and was super helpful getting up some tricky and steep places in the mountains. He showed us his family house and his berber village from a far and gave us a great education into his world. His joyfulness lifted all our spirits in the rain, he loves his work. Hakim, in Fes was so intelligent and thoughtful fabulous history tour though the Medina and expert on the estactic music in Morocco. He took us Shopping with weavers, leatherworkers, metal workers, and ceramics. we met artists of all kinds, it was so inspiring. We went on a fabulous food tour in Fes lead by Mirram and Mostafah also joined us. Incredible experience and our girls said it was the highlight for them.I loved the honey shop and trying so many honey's I didn't even knew existed. We had a walking tour of Maknes with a wonderful gal i think her name was Inez, she taught us about the Sultan rule and his cruelties to the slaves and all his wives. Aziz, gave us a very informative Roman history tour in Volubilis. Our daughters love history so to get this type of education on a trip was more than I hoped for.

Most of all the guy that drove us everywhere, day in and day out was the kindness most generous man I think I have ever met in my life. Brahim impacted our family in such a beautiful way, he shared his life stories with us his hoes and dreams. He was generous to the people coming to the window asking for change and had a geniune sweetness about him. He taught us a few works in Arabic and Berbére. The most important was Inshalah! In Gods will...
Thank you Alecia for putting together such a amazing team of people for our family to experience and fall in love with Morocco. They were all very professional and extremely knowledgeable about what they were sharing with us.
Charlie, David, Coco and Ava 

Review by Charlie, David, Eva & Coco Wagner on 11/20/2016
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