testimonials - morocco travel trip advisor testamonials of travel exploration guests

Testimonials - Morocco Travel Trip Advisor Testamonials of Travel Exploration Guests

Wonderful Morocco Private Travel Adventure Ever! Thanks Travel Exploration Morocco Review

Thanks to Alecia of Travel Exploration Morocco, We had one of the most wonderful travel adventures ever spending two glorious weeks on Morocco. This was just the exotic experience that we were looking for. I wasn't sure where to even begin planning this kind of vacation but thanks to the Internet and a great website; Travel Exloration Morocco, I found the perfect expert to plan our trip. Being the consummate planner that I am it was clear very early on that Alecia Cohen; Director was an expert at all things Morooco! She sent me the most beautiful itineraries to choose from and customized our trip in order to cater to my design background and my daughters expertise in art and tile design.Our Riad's were hand selected by Alecia for us and they were just incredible in every way, Riad Fez was just wonderful, a blend of old Moroccan architecture and modern rooms designed for comfort and peace. The staff was incredibly warm and helpful as well. We had an incredible guide in Rez. Azadene was truly a scholar spending hours each day teaching us about the history of the Now greatly dimminished Jewish population and its once rich cultural contribution as we visited the old synogogue and the Mellech, where the once vibrant yet small Jewish business community existed. We learned a great deal about Islam as well as the modern day communities in and around Fez, clearly our favorite city where we were taken back in time as we roamed the souks and dodged mules, as they bore their burdens of every day life in the Medina.??Our driver, Hossaine was just wonderful. He was always helpful and kind to us whether it was keeping us supplied with bottled water, imodium or giving us c.d's we loved or presenting us with a big box of fresh dates upon our departure. We expressed a desire to go to a Berber village though our trip did not take us to the south so as we traveled through part of the Mid-Atlas and beyond he surprised us by pulling off the road and into a property along our route where we were able to meet a kind old Berber couple. We sat down and with Hossaine's help and translation skills learned a bit about their hard life and a great deal about their kindness and warmth. We hated to leave them and still think of them.In Essouira Hossaine took us to his favorite fresh fish stand where we picked out qn array of freshly caught fish and shellfish which was grilled for us on the spot and which we scarfed down while seagulls flew overhead. It was really fun. ?We loved Essouiria because we could wander around ourselves and shop, buy old jewelry from a couple of very special merchants that we would never found without Hossaine's help and discover a couple of really good restaurants. We had another very good guide there as well, thanks to Alecia's very special team of guides across the country.I could go on and on but just want to say that I have never experienced the kind of first class custom designed and coordinated trip that we experienced with Travel Exploration Morocco.I can't imagine taking another trip to Morocco without using Alecia. She is just the best!

Review by Nancy & Jodi Somberg on 10/25/2016
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