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Boutique Morocco Tours


Boutique Morocco Tours

Experience the essence of Morocco travel with Boutique Morocco Private Tours—a journey that promises unparalleled luxury and exclusive experiences.
Discover the ultimate Morocco travel experience with Boutique Morocco Private Tours. Explore North Africa with Travel Exploration's meticulously crafted itineraries that promise an immersive journey through Morocco's Imperial cities, Berber Villages, and stunning Desert and Mountain landscapes.
Our Boutique Morocco Tours are designed for discerning travelers seeking unique experiences beyond the ordinary. Whether you're fascinated by Morocco's rich cultural heritage, its culinary delights, or its breathtaking natural beauty, Travel Exploration ensures a deeply rewarding adventure tailored to your interests.
Experience personalized service from start to finish with themed itineraries such as our 1001 Arabian Nights Tour, Culinary Food Tour of Morocco, Gardens of Morocco, Just for Women, Weaving Tour, Pottery and Zellij Tile Design Tour, or Jewish Heritage Tour. Embark o
Explore our curated Boutique Tours tailored for cultured and experienced travelers:
  • Multilingual Speaking Drivers: Fluent in English, Arabic, French, and Berber, our drivers hail from Morocco’s Great South or Marrakech region. Deeply knowledgeable about Moroccan history and culture, they offer insights beyond guidebooks, fostering engaging conversations and providing unique perspectives.
  • Licensed, Expert Historical Guides: Native to each city you visit, our local guides unveil the secrets of Morocco’s architecture, UNESCO World Heritage sites, mosques, gardens, and monuments, ensuring an enriching sightseeing experience.
  • Private Guided Tours: Immerse yourself in Morocco’s medinas, navigate bustling souks and markets, indulge in camel trekking in the Sahara Desert, hike the High Atlas, share lunch with a Berber family, marvel at the panoramic vistas of the Dades Valley, chase waterfalls, and enjoy leisurely moments.
  • Charming Boutique Riads and Hotels: Enjoy stays at luxurious, handpicked riads and hotels that embody Morocco's unique charm and hospitality.
Consider one of our exclusive Boutique Morocco Tours, meticulously crafted for discerning travelers seeking an immersive and enriching Moroccan experience.
1001 Arabian Nights- A 12-Day Tour perfect for families or couples who are interested in visiting the Imperial Cities, the Desert region, Berber Villages, the Desert and Coastal Essaouira. This boutique Morocco Tour packs in the highlights of Morocco within a reasonable timerame. Architecture, History, Palaces, Gardens, Heritage Sites, Markets and Cuisine factor in all aspects of this Boutique Morocco Tour.
Culinary Food Tour - Discover Trade Routes & Spice Markets, the world of Moroccan Street Food on this Boutique Private Tour, Bake Bread with the Berbers and Make Your own Tajine at a Moroccan cookery class. A Taste of Morocco is a Culinary Food Tour with Moroccan delights. Visit Casablanca’s local markets and enjoy fresh made grill. Venture on a Food Tasting Tour of Fes through it’s food souks. Learn how traditional Moroccan Pastilla (Pigeon Pie) is made. Take a private cooking class with a Daada Chef along with wine tasting. Bake bread with the Berbers in a remote village in the Sahgro and Tamlilt Mountains. No stone is left unturned on this culinary journey that is perfect for foodies. This Private Morocco Tour is available for all ages and many of the activities can be included in any one of our family or private tour itineraries. 
Gardens of Morocco - Discover the tradition and history of Moroccan Gardens on this nationally guided tour written by horticultural and garden enthusiasts for gardeners. Journey through the Maghreb’s most private and public green spaces and places. Great pleasure of the senses will be experienced on this exotic 10-Day Boutique Tour that includes Morocco’s Imperial Cities and rural regions. Discover ancient cities led by licensed historical guides and their gardens with expert Gardeners, Botanists, Nurserymen and Herbalists. Visit Andalusian Gardens, Dry Tolerant Gardens, Saffron Gardens, Medicinal Gardens, Cactus Gardens, Roman Gardens and Roses Gardens. Perfect for Garden enthusiasts and Gardeners.

Just for Women - This 10-Day Tour was created for women by women to experience the wonders that Morocco offers. We’ll visit breathtaking architectural sites, majestic palaces, glorious houses of worship, opulent gardens, see traditional Moroccan crafts being made by local artisans, and shop a dazzling array of unique and enticing marketplaces. And we’ll enjoy exquisite cuisine and elegant accommodations all along the way of this magical voyage. Included in our Just for Women Boutique Morocco Tour is a henna party and a ceramics workshop in Fes, an exotic cooking workshop in two Imperial Cities, a Hot Air Balloon ride over Marrakech’s Atlas Mountains, Camel Trekking in the Palmeraie of Marrakech, Spa time, Visits at women's cooperatives, a wine tasting and more. Our group will rise and overnight at charming Riads & boutique hotels.

Pottery and Zellij Tile Design Tour - An adventure for artists and creative types, this boutique tour includes visiting various pottery cooperatives and tile cooperatives in Morocco. Travelers will learn the Mesopotamian and Fasis pottery techniques, how Moroccan zellij tile is made, colored and hand cut. All items made at cooperatives are for the traveler to keep. Included in this tour are visits to local galleries and museums where travelers can glean traditional works of art and have a look at the contemporary as well. This tour is perfect for Teachers, Artists and Creative types specifically interested in hand crafted works that are significant in Morocco.
Jewish Heritage Tour - This 10 Day Boutique Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour is ideal for those interested in in depth coverage of Jewish Heritage Sites, Culture, Tradition and Jewish Communities. Visits to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, Temple Beth El, Synagogues in Fes and Marrakech, the home of Maimonidies and Cemeteries with ancient graces of Rabbi's are just a snapshot of what Jewish American travelers can experience. Offered on a private basis the tour covers Jewish Moroccan Architecture, Jewish Heritage Sites, Jewish Zaouias, and Jewish Cuisine. The tour is available on a Kosher or Vegetarian basis. Perfect for Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jewish Travelers.
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