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Travel To The Cascades D'Ouzoud Waterfalls in Morocco 
In the Middle Atlas, just hours away from the Imperial city of Marrakech, lies one of the most majestic waterfalls set among a Berber village within Morocco. Traveling to Morocco’s famous waterfalls, Cascadesd'Ouzoud is a great way to see the natural resources of the country. The Cascades d'Ouzoud are argued be the most photographic falls within this geographically lush green region. The falls are so beautiful that even a novice photographer can capture their essence. When it comes to the Cascades d'Ouzoud, a picture is truly worth a thousand words and the falls appear at least as stunning in real life as in print.
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To experience the intrinsic beauty of Cascade d’Ouzoud when traveling to Morocco you have to pass through the tiny Berber village of Ouzoud. The village of Ouzoud is located eighteen kilometers from Marrakech-Azilal road. Most travelers to Morocco arrive by private 4x4 directly if on a tour. 
The best time to capture the Cascades d'Ouzoud waterfalls is between mid to late afternoon. Often rainbows appear, making the waterfalls even more remarkable and providing photographers with magazine quality photos. To capture the widest rainbows head towards the bottom of the falls.
Ouzoud is well visited throughout the year but is particularly popular during the summer time when Moroccan families and teens venture out of nearby cities to picnic by the cascades. Some even set up tents, with barbecues and stay the night.
Unlike many well visited spots in Morocco, the cascades are refreshingly uncommercialized. There are several small stalls selling fresh squeezed oranges juice and Berber tents set up among the greenery that offer local fare. If you want to stay the night, there are several places to set up camp. This can also be arranged with your guide or by private tour.
The cascades have a 100 meter fall and are unique as they have a series of rare plunges that go from wide to narrow. Most waterfall plunges run narrow to wide. At the bottom of the drop, there is gorgeous pool of river water to swim in. Swimming among the cascades is refreshing amidst the summer heat however since the falls can be quite chilly be sure to bring along a light jacket. A refreshing swim in the cascades during mid-evening or under the moon is even more magical.
You can rent a tent from TravelExploration'stour guide or arrange for a room at the Dar Essalam, a hotel located near Ouzoud village which has a charming courtyard lined with lime trees. Another option which is common in this country of penetrating skies is to sleep on top of the hotel roof under the Moroccan stars.
Beyond the main spot for camping, there are other interesting places to view the falls. If you follow the paths below the cascades you will eventually arrive to a grove of oak and pomegranate trees.
Among the groves, it is sometimes possible to spot a Barbary ape. Your best chance to spot an ape is at daybreak or an hour before dawn because they come to drink from the natural pools.
The mysteries of the cascades do not end here. If you continue on, you will come to an even more impressive location which is located at the bottom of the falls. Here you will find a cozy nook of small wooden fishing boats. These hand carved boats add to the charm of what some refer to as the “Mexican Village”. The village is made even more interesting, by a series of underground passages connecting with it.  
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