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Marrakech Design Tour

Marrakech Design Tour. The Ultimate Inspiring One-Day Tour for Design Enthusiasts, Artists, Architects and Interior Designers. Hand Curated visits to Artisan Studios, Sourcing for Design Professionals and Networking within the Marrakech Design Community.   

Morocco Tour Description:  
A Design Enthusiasts Guided Tour of Marrakech. Marrakech has long been sought after by designers for its' style, beauty and sophistication. Our Tailor Made, Marrakech Design Tour is hand curated for Interior Designers, Artists, Architects and Fashion Designers seeking inspiration, sourcing and networking within the Marrakech design scene. This tour is ideal for design professionals who are interested in engaging with local artisans, Marrakech's leading designers and artisans. For those interested in Moroccan Handmade crafts for export various optoins are available. Our Marrakech Design Tour is customized around you and your specific interests.
Mararkech is a city of contrasts. This Marrakech Design Tour offers a Insiders Guide to the ancient medina and trend setting shopping opportunities. Meet directly with artistans in their shops and discover hand made goods of leather, ceramtics, carpets, jewelry lighting and mosaics. The souks of Marrakech and their vibrant colors along with its maze of local stalls with artisans selling their wares ranging from leather, brass, pottery wood, silver and zellige tilework.
For those who want a more modern approach to Marrakech Design your tour will be hand curated so you may step outsdie the historic city, further afield to the leading design distrcit in North Africa to Quartier Sidi Ghanem. This enclave on the edge of the town is filled with chic desginer workshops, and hip shops selling their products along with trend-setting, laid back cafes and restaurants. 
Duration: A One-Day Marrakech Design Tour 
►Book a Marrakech Design Tour Today call (800) 787-8806. Let us be your  Private Morocco Design Guide. Don't miss out on an Insiders Guided Tour of the Marrakech Design scene.  For more information about a private design tour to other Moroccan cities contact us.
►Discover how Moroccan artisans use local materials to design traditional and contemporary products for the Moroccan and International marketplace. Our Marrakech Design Tour takes you on a journey through the Marrakech medina, Gueliz, Sidi Ghanem and rural regions of Morocco. Have a first hand look at where artisans make handicrafts, Berber carpets, Middle Atlas rugs, furniture, lighting and leatherwork. 
►Tour the new city of Gueliz and it’s world-renowned Yves Saint Laurent Museum Complext, the Majorelle Gardens and the Berber Museum. Founded by French artistic genius, Pierre Berge, these three museums collectively represent how the Berber culture of historic Morocco influenced art, fashion and nature during the French Protectorate and beyond.
►Visit Marrakech’s most sought after chic boutiques and concepts stores in Gueliz. This new town’s mix of Colonial and Historic, Art Deco architecture make it perfect for exploring.
►Explore Quartier Sidi Ghanem, the Marrakech Industrial zone, where contemporary artists and designers have their workshops and showrooms. Appointments to designer showrooms who specialize in interior décor and fashion will be arranged. If you are interested in lighting, fabric, furniture and other types of home décor, including vintage collections of furniture this is the place to go.
►Sip mint tea and engage with Moroccan and International Designers who have made Marrakech’s, Historic Medina their home.  
►Take a road trip just 30 kilometers outside of Marrakech to a rural village where weaving and embroidery cooperatives are located. Learn about the artisan process and shop for local goods that support the community.
Morocco has a rich history of craftsmanship led by artisans who are experts in designing hand made goods of Leather, Pottery (Ceramics), Moroccan carpets (Rugs), Silver Jewelry, Lighting and Mosaics that should not be missed on this Marrakech Designers Tour.
We at Travel Exploration Morocco have worked with leading interior designers, artists, and architects who have benefited from this insiders-guided tour of the Marrakech world of design.
On this Marrakech Designers Tour you will have private access to local Moroccan designers with the option of purchasing direct from them and developing your own designs for export. You will visit Marrakech designer ateliers (workshops), boutiques and female owned cooperatives. 
You will site see in Berber villages in rural regions of Marrakech to connect directly with artisans who design both traditional and contemporary goods. (Recommended as Part of a Two-Day Marrakech Designers Tour)
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